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The SWAT Team Approach to Achieving Big Goals Fast

Do you need to accelerate your ability to execute against goals? Speed and agility are often critical factors in achieving strategic objectives—but there are a few situations when it matters most: Scaling your financial function and operational capabilities in support of aggressive growth aspirations Turning around a distressed company Standing up a carved-out business unit Integrating acquisitions or joint venture operations Preparing to go public In each of these [...]

The SWAT Team Approach to Achieving Big Goals Fast2021-08-16T13:16:40+00:00

SPAC or IPO for Going Public?

Are you considering becoming a public company? Do you need more capital but are finding private financing difficult? Going public can provide long-term capital for growth, but taking a company public is a major undertaking. A traditional IPO is complicated, time consuming and requires extensive disclosure. Some smaller companies turn to a SPAC (special-purpose acquisition companies) as an alternative. What is a SPAC? A Special Purpose Acquisition Company is [...]

SPAC or IPO for Going Public?2021-08-05T12:05:54+00:00
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