Executive Issues & Insights is a series written by NextLevel’s team of executive leaders to support our business peers. These monthly articles, complete with real world examples of corporate success, are designed to provide insights that help executives increase enterprise value.

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Building Enterprise Value Through Customer Satisfaction

Are you using customer service as a value-adding tool? Whether you have an automated system for online order tracking or a full-blown customer call center, customer satisfaction will be an important factor for companies of any size in building your reputation and brand.


Building Enterprise Value Through Cost Alignment

Are you using the optimum cost structure to build value? Understanding the relative costs of different parts of your business can inform your margin targets, pricing strategy, and marketing plans to drive overall net margins to your desired goal.


Building Enterprise Value by Correcting Operational Deficiencies

Are problems in your operations contributing to a “leaky P&L”? Is your company struggling to fulfill orders? Do you have quality control problems? These and other indicators of unsatisfied customers may be signs of operational deficiencies and come with hidden costs that show up in your gross margin or flagging sales.


Fixing an Underperforming Company

Your company has a solid strategy but is underperforming — why? Performance issues may be due to problems in manufacturing, sales, operations or all of these areas, but what are the underlying causes, how do you correct them, and which should you attack first?


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