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Planning for the Unexpected – How?

2021 has been another whirlwind year. Disruption ran rampant. When managing your business through chaotic times, one of the most challenging issues to grapple with is the loss of critical talent.  This past year, businesses across industries faced month over month of rising departures. Prime mid-career employees (generally between the ages of 30 and 45) represented the greatest increase in resignation rates. Here’s how two clients proactively engaged NextLevel to mitigate the unexpected from threatening their business. “I did not want to hear this from my CFO” Business is full of unexpected twists and turns. Are you ready? [...]

Is it Time to Re-think Who Has a Seat at Your “Table”?

Lisa Clarke, Senior Managing Director Thanksgiving is the time of year that many of us unite with family and friends around the dinner table. These gatherings can be diverse—in opinions, perspectives, and experiences and might just open us up to new, enriching ideas (and yes, maybe a spirited political debate with Uncle Bob). In business, we also have a table where we gather to share perspectives – the board room. In the spirit of the season, now is an excellent time to pause for a moment to consider our boardroom table and who is seated there. Are we actively inviting [...]

Stronger Together: NextLevel Joins Forces With E78

Since 2011, NextLevel has made a name for itself by helping mid-market companies across the Pacific Northwest and West Coast transform and optimize their businesses. During that decade, NextLevel has also been evolving. Despite the global pandemic, we experienced record growth in Q4 2020 and in 2021. Now, as we move into our next phase of our growth, we are proud to announce that we have joined forces with E78 Partners. Who is E78 Partners? E78 Partners is a professional services firm with over 250 senior industry experts. Headquartered in Chicago, E78 has offices in cities all across the United [...]

How Profitable Are You Really? It Might be Time to Re-Examine Your Finance Function

After a year and a half, many of us have grown used to the upsets that have resulted from the Coronavirus pandemic. While people have been feeling the pressure at home, around the world, businesses have been affected by the rising prices across supply chains worldwide.  The cost of production and distribution for raw materials and goods alike have been driven up by a conservative approach at the start of the pandemic wherein manufacturers, expecting a massive downturn in consumer spending, cut back. Of course, that spending didn’t stop, and supply chains found—and still find—themselves overwhelmed. This has only compounded [...]

The SWAT Team Approach to Achieving Big Goals Fast

Do you need to accelerate your ability to execute against goals? Speed and agility are often critical factors in achieving strategic objectives—but there are a few situations when it matters most: Scaling your financial function and operational capabilities in support of aggressive growth aspirations Turning around a distressed company Standing up a carved-out business unit Integrating acquisitions or joint venture operations Preparing to go public In each of these scenarios, your business is likely tackling a number of challenges concurrently, which creates stress points and requires everyone to juggle multiple responsibilities. Accomplish more with a proven, coordinated SWAT team [...]

SPAC or IPO for Going Public?

Are you considering becoming a public company? Do you need more capital but are finding private financing difficult? Going public can provide long-term capital for growth, but taking a company public is a major undertaking. A traditional IPO is complicated, time consuming and requires extensive disclosure. Some smaller companies turn to a SPAC (special-purpose acquisition companies) as an alternative. What is a SPAC? A Special Purpose Acquisition Company is a public company specifically created to raise money and purchase a private company, taking that company public via merger while shortening the standard IPO process. Investors invest in the SPAC for [...]

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