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Five Smart Tips to Consider Before Selling Your Business

Putting your business on the market can be intimidating. It may feel like there are endless loose ends to tie up, and limited time to do it. Before you even begin the process of selling your business, though, there are some things which can make the process much smoother. If you’re thinking of divesting, keep the following in mind. 5 Tips for Selling Your Business 1. Start Early. A business has a lot of moving parts, which makes transferring them even more work. Making a long-term plan for a business several years out is one thing, but when you’re selling, [...]

Is your organization positioned to take advantage of CPG challenges post-Covid?

It has been a challenging couple of years for CPG. Supply chain issues, demand volatility, and the inability for consumers to safely shop in the physical world have added a level of uncertainty that has rocked marketers to the core. But among these challenges there are also countless opportunities to follow the consumer to that “new normal” which is now part of every household’s vernacular. What does the “new normal” mean for CPG? We can find some clues by looking at grocery, where the shift to premium brands (“premiumization”) has increased across all income levels. The pandemic pulled people out [...]

Benefits of Using Interim Leadership to Fill Sudden Gaps on the Executive Team

How well can you weather the disruption of a sudden departure? A key executive has suddenly left your company, possibly at a critical time, leaving a gap in institutional knowledge, uncertainty in the minds of direct reports, and instability in the leadership team. Finding a quality replacement is a long and time-consuming process. Interim leadership can provide continuity, stability, and forward momentum as you search for a permanent replacement. In this edition of Executive Issues & Insights we explore key insights drawn from the extensive C-suite and Board experiences of the NextLevel team on how an interim executive can [...]

The key to 3 of our favorite business turnarounds.

Today we’re going to share 3 of our favorite business turnarounds. The worst thing you can do in a crisis is nothing. But taking action just to do ‘something’ isn’t helpful either. In a crisis the key is to keep a clear head and take an objective assessment of the situation. In each of the following 3 cases the key to turning the situation around was having useful, objective information. 1. What do you do when your readers stop reading your national publication? A nationally known culinary publication with 1 million subscribers was losing money in operations and facing declining [...]

The role of sales in a restructuring

Does the success of your business depend on quickly growing the top line? Declining cash balances. Increases in borrowings due to reductions in revenue or gross margins. Bumping up against your banking compliance covenants. If you’re seeing any signs of operational deterioration at your company, it’s time to take quick action. Most people go into savings mode—but not every business can cut and save their way out of a bad situation. Increasing sales is also a key component to turning around a business and can have a more significant impact. In this edition of Executive Issues & Insights, [...]

How to be sure your business is prepared for sale.

As we come out of the pandemic and the economy ramps up, business owners are starting to consider selling their companies. You may be one of them. It'd be hard to blame you if you were. The market is fairly hot right now. Businesses are being sold for good prices, and those that performed well during, or have emerged with strength coming out of, the pandemic are in high demand. But before you bring your business to market, let's take a look at the businesses that are being sold. The ones that command relatively high prices have something in common. [...]

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