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These Insights are written by NextLevel’s team of executive leaders to support our business peers. Many of these articles and blog posts include real-world examples of corporate success designed to help our clients take immediate action to increase enterprise value. Contact us to start problem-solving together.

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A better way to conduct executive search

As we move deeper into 2021, our ramping economy is slowly turning the spigot and companies are starting to fill executive roles again. In one survey, 80% of C-suite executives indicated they felt the pandemic had actually revealed their organizational strengths, and were optimistically focusing on long term growth rather than immediate survival strategies.  Growth comes in the form of expansions, new projects, products and services.  That often means new executive positions need to be filled. It's a hard time to find qualified executive talent. The pandemic put a number of projects on hold. It put some C-suite executives out [...]

3 Business Wins from Data-Driven Decision Making

In today's post we'd like to share some of our successes, and the secret weapon behind each of them. They aren't necessarily our biggest wins. They're in different industries. But they all illustrate a key point: data-driven decision making is critical.   1. How a healthcare company doubled in value A support service provider for hospitals and physician groups was put up for sale. The majority owners were at retirement age and wanted an exit, but lacked experience with the process. They rushed the sales process and after interested buyers took advantage, the board took the company off the market. [...]

Is a restructuring in your future? Not if you can turn around first.

Bill Zang has over 30 years of leadership experience serving in senior financial and operating roles for public and private companies—in electronics manufacturing, consumer products, government services, construction, retail, and e-commerce. He shared insights about his favorite kind of work: restructuring and turnarounds. What value does a consultant bring to a turnaround or restructuring? The most rewarding aspect of working with distressed companies is there is high value added to the organization during the engagement. The right outsider can provide a critical fresh approach. I focus on three things: Finding solutions Getting teams to work together Driving productivity Together, I [...]

How to transform your supply chain into a valuable asset

Is it time to make major changes to suppliers and supplier relationships? Your company has matured to the point where you have a significant number of outside suppliers of materials and services. If they are not meeting cost goals or contributing to your strategic intent, it may be time to navigate to new suppliers and/or supply arrangements. With thoughtful analysis and execution, you can take advantage of valuable opportunities. In this edition of Executive Issues & Insights, we leverage the extensive C-Suite and Board experiences of the NextLevel team to learn about effective supply chain optimization for competitive advantage. [...]

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