Recently, NextLevel announced that it joined  E78 Partners, a Chicago-based firm with over 250 senior industry experts. Already, NextLevel clients are seeing value from the acquisition. For those that have yet to work with the expanded NextLevel-E78 team, you may be wondering: What specific new services are available, and what can we expect in the future?

What Hasn’t Changed

When clients first engage with the new organization, they may notice no difference. That’s because when NextLevel made the decision to join E78, the congruence of company cultures and values was a major driver. NextLevel has always placed an emphasis on people-first operations, both for employees and clients; as does E78. The companies both put great importance on driving value creation for clients, and the approaches NextLevel and E78 use to grow and expand are also quite similar. These synergistic cultures have helped to rapidly solidify a strong partnership that is focused, first and foremost, on clients.

What Has Changed

As clients of NextLevel know, NextLevel’s forte includes strategic capabilities at the executive level, strong financial, technology and operational leadership, expertise with enabling scalability and public company readiness, and leading clients through major change initiatives such as M&A. As NextLevel clients get to know E78, they will quickly discover their depth of additional resources. Clients can now tap into even more Controller and FP&A talent, multi-layered private equity capabilities, and an expanded suite of technology solutions (NetSuite, Adaptive, and Sage Intacct). Together the services of both companies create a vast array of tools that clients can now leverage across the lifecycle of their business.

What Clients are Experiencing

What’s been most exciting to see is how clients have already started leveraging the value of this breadth of expanded services. For example, a company recently came to NextLevel seeking public company readiness expertise. Our experts engaged with and supported the client with strategic advisory services including assessing their options and needs, guiding them through key decisions, and providing hands-on expertise in executing alongside management. During the engagement, the client expressed that they were also struggling to complete a QuickBooks-to-NetSuite conversion. Because of the depth of technology solutions now offered by the combined NextLevel and E78, we were able to offer the client a complete solution – all with a single contract. The client was able to avoid the time and expense of vetting and onboarding another company to support the technology initiative.

To ensure project continuity and that client needs are met, NextLevel has always ensured that clients have access to a senior team member at all times. With the new E78 partnership, this remains the modus operandi. Whether clients are using a legacy NextLevel service or a new E78 service, their project is guided by a senior team member to ensure the work is coordinated, communications are synchronized, and they are personally guided to their ultimate goal.

NextLevel CEO and Founder Chuck Gottschalk summed it up like this, “NextLevel and E78’s relationship has been hand in glove from the outset. Moving forward, we couldn’t be more excited to be able to offer clients everything they’ve come to expect from NextLevel—and more.”