Ira has a career spanning over 30 years serving in senior leadership roles for the healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, retail, insurance and consumer products industries.

At A Glance

  • Senior VP HR, Chief Human Development Officer, VP Human Resources, Associate Administrator, Senior HR Consultant
  • Career development/succession planning
  • Regulatory program compliance at federal, state, provincial and local levels
  • Leading business-focused (strategic) HR departments/programs
  • Designed and implemented incentive compensation programs
  • Negotiated benefits’ plan(s) renewals with wellness incentives

Key Leadership Accomplishments

  • Led group self-insured healthcare plan (2,700 plan participants) conversion to a full HSA program with healthcare education, saving $2.5 million.
  • Designed and implemented M&A HR integration program for a $400 million multi-site distribution company acquisition, integrating four business units in a three-state area into a $600 million subsidiary operation.
  • Management coaching and development program for senior leadership of $3 billion regional food distribution program serving a 20-state area, as part of a career development/ succession program aimed at providing a source of leaders to support geographic expansion.
  • Developed and implemented a retirement plan conversion program, saving the organization $1 million and with a plan reversion of $2 million.


Ira Duden has a career spanning over 30 years serving in senior leadership roles for the healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, retail, insurance, and consumer products industries. He has also had successful roles as a consultant and interim leader in several diverse organizations where he brought a sensitive, metric-driven, adaptive approach to enhancing the performance of existing HR departments and programs. Ira has experience as an HR leader, consultant, mentor, coach and business-team partner in public, private, mid-sized, and large organizations, both union and non-union. He has worked with a number of organizations, including Food Services of America, Medalia Healthcare, Cintas Corporation, Children’s Hospital and Community Health Plan of Washington. As a member of senior leadership teams working with multiple stakeholders, Ira has elevated the HR function by concentrating on the strategic opportunities to apply innovative concepts to HR programs to enhance overall organizational effectiveness. His passion as an HR professional is reflected in his dedication to his clients and his commitment the growth of their businesses.

Ira holds an MBA in Human Resources and Industrial Management from the University of Oregon and a BS in Business from the University of California, Berkeley. He also earned accreditation as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). Additionally, he has been an adjunct faculty member, teaching at both the University of Washington (Supervisor Program) and Seattle University (SHRM Employee Relations Certification Program).