Project Leadership & Support

Connections You Can Trust. Contributions You Can Measure.

Companies often find themselves in a position where one or more key initiatives cannot be addressed as quickly or effectively as desired due to a lack of bandwidth at the management level, a management role vacancy, or a lack of specific domain expertise.

In the current global economic environment, with so many companies operating with a lean management structure, any unanticipated demand on management can quickly lead to overload. Instead of allowing strategically important initiatives to languish, NextLevel can immediately step in and accelerate your ability to accomplish objectives; improving competitive positioning and reducing risk. We do so by providing deeply experienced executives or teams of professionals with skill sets that align with client circumstances, with flexible periods and terms matched to the scope and complexity of each particular assignment.

The list below is a sample of the types of projects successfully completed by NextLevel professionals:

  • M&A leadership and support
    • Operational and financial leadership preparing and positioning to optimize value
    • Due diligence leadership or support
    • Internal “quarterbacking” of transaction process including coordination of professional firms (e.g., law firm, CPA firm and investment bank)
    • Post-transaction integration planning and execution
  • Strategic planning and forecasting
  • Governance planning and implementation leadership
  • Operations and finance risk assessment and management
  • Advisory in support of executives and Boards
  • Corporate divestiture leadership and support
  • Debt and equity financing and restructuring leadership or guidance
  • IPO readiness
  • Operations planning and productivity improvement
  • Scalability enablement via infrastructure and process improvement
  • Technology as enabler of strategy execution – assessment and project leadership
  • Supply chain evaluation and enhancement
  • Logistics optimization
  • Joint venture and growth planning and leadership, including international expansion
  • SEC compliance leadership and support, including financial reporting and restatements
  • Establishing or enhancing accounting / finance infrastructure and reporting capabilities
  • Private equity and venture capital portfolio company initiative leadership including strategic planning; execution of strategy; operations, capital structure and reporting improvements; and liquidity event leadership and support

  • “Pacific needed a ‘been there done that’ kind of financial executive to take several large projects off the controller’s plate and get them across the finish line. NextLevel provided the right person at the right time!”

    – Tim Price, CEO, Pacific Power Group