An aerospace robotics company had been engaged in research and development for over 10 years for major aerospace manufacturers with the mandate to develop unique, robotic tool solutions for aircraft manufacturing. Upon receipt of a large order, they found themselves unprepared to deliver their proprietary systems at volume.  They required the immediate establishment of manufacturing systems and associated disciplines.


Next Level was requested to provide an executive to lead the company as CEO to execute the transition from R&D operation to manufacturing firm, deliver the products on time, within tight specifications, and prepare the company for sale.

The first stage was to complete development of manufacturing processes and the procedures to maintain them. The second stage was to institute a series of benchmarks to include business model and pricing guidelines to support the bid process for additional sales. Then, the business had to establish standard financial chart of accounts and reports consistent with those expected by sophisticated buyers. Finally, a joint bid strategy was put in place to develop relationships leading to project teaming agreements so larger bids could be targeted. Five such agreements were negotiated within the nine month engagement with a set of international, Tier 1 aerospace suppliers yielding a sales pipeline attractive to potential acquirers.


  • In less than a year, the original order was being delivered per schedule, there was a 70 percent year over year revenue increase, a 400 percent EBITDA earnings increase and a $150 million sales pipeline in place.
  • A minority sale was completed to fund further growth of the company in order to achieve a new, higher valuation target.
  • An investment banker was engaged and sale transaction activity was underway by the end of the year.

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