An Alaskan Native Corporation providing government construction and security services was at significant risk for a major business interruption. The company’s IT system had significant security vulnerabilities and could not support field application performance requirements, leading to risks for contract non-compliance, cost over-runs, and the inability to collect on agreed upon change requests.


A NextLevel partner assessed the IT organization and provided significant recommendations focused on business continuity, growth, staffing and performance concerns. He then led the migration of all business applications to Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) West Coast Region while synchronizing all files and records to an AWS East Coast Hot Site.


The company was able to achieve:

  • A close to immediate time to recovery (TTR) in the event of a server, network, power or data center failure with no loss in completed transaction data.
  • The ability to remotely access all applications in the event of an outage affecting any office location.
  • Improved overall security.
  • Improved field performance especially over cell phone data connections.
  • A reduction of 50 percent compared to the cost of implementing and maintaining on-premise or co-location options.

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