A family-owned company that provides contracted human resource functions for small- to mid-sized businesses experienced increased growth from gaining strong knowledge and expertise in the cannabis and adjacent industries. However, this new opportunity exposed significant deficits in their sales strategy, infrastructure, and overall sales readiness to maximize the growth.


The company engaged a NextLevel team member with extensive experience in sales and marketing management to lead an in-depth evaluation project to determine critical areas of the sales organization and define the infrastructure needed to achieve a revenue objective of $100 million in six years. The identification of undefined or undeveloped sales capability, against best practice benchmarks, led to significant changes in the company’s sales coverage, territory planning, forecasting, compensation plan, and accountability.


The NextLevel executive was instrumental in developing a recruiting process and talent optimization tool that led to hiring a senior sales leader within 30 days to implement the sales plan. The territory restructure improved the company’s sales capacity by 50 percent and the new compensation plan reduced selling expenses by 12 percent.

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