A heavy equipment manufacturer was experiencing major sales growth domestically, expanded international sales, and new business from acquisitions. This rapid growth environment caused the company to exceed its ability to scale systems and processes to provide financial and operational support, resulting in a serious erosion of margin and cash reserves.


The company engaged NextLevel to review and assess the company’s overall strengths, weaknesses, and challenges; then develop a plan to better execute on its sales success. Two NextLevel executives performed an initial assessment across the sales, manufacturing, installation services, finance, IT, HR and ERP activities of the company; then drafted a baseline plan to address and mitigate key areas of performance improvement. This resulted in the company engaging a team of four NextLevel executives with strong expertise in Finance and IT to conduct a deeper assessment, using the information in the initial assessment, to define weakness specifics and document a comprehensive roadmap to provide solutions and achieve the benefits of the needed changes. The company then engaged two NextLevel executives to work with management to determine the optimal approach for implementing the financial, information systems, and governance changes that would lead to process improvements allowing systems and processes to scale at a pace necessary to support ongoing high growth.


The company continues to incorporate the improvement recommendations provided by NextLevel and build on its ability to effectively scale the business globally, provide strong returns to investors, and retain its position as an industry leader.

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