A privately- owned capital equipment manufacturing company was experiencing a period of extreme management instability, having brought on three different CEOs within a 12 month period. Exacerbating this instability was a high level of conflict between the two equal owners of the firm.


A NextLevel partner, acting as interim CEO, arrived within a week of the departure of the previous CEO. Following a quick assessment of underlying issues, the partner/interim CEO provided consistent day-to-day direction to the firm, initiated a first-ever strategic planning process, and worked closely with the firm’s legal advisors to steer the development of an agreement whereby one owner purchased the interest of the other. In addition, the NextLevel partner led the efforts to secure the necessary financial support for the purchase transaction.


Within four months, NextLevel enhanced enterprise value by:

  • Stabilizing a troubled relationship with the client’s bank and securing an extended operating line of credit sufficient to meet the firm’s requirements,
  • Developing a core strategic plan which allowed the client to successfully create an annual operational plan and budget,
  • Facilitating the company’s participation in a plan to redeem the ownership interests of one of the owners, and
  • Securing two multi-million dollar instruments to finance the ownership interest redemption.

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