Our Desired State Roadmaps are focused on the following areas of common business challenges:

  • Strengthening the Financial Function
    Are your team, processes, procedures, and systems equipped to support your operations and the execution of your strategy – not just today but where the company is intending to be in the future?
  • Middle Market M&A: growth through acquisition
    Are you adequately prepared to effectively plan for integration while the deal is being structured and due diligence is taking place, and then to effectively execute that plan the moment the deal is consummated? Are you confident that the deal you’re pursuing aligns as tightly as it should with your strategy?
  • Strategy Execution
    Are you frustrated with the challenges of effective execution of your strategy – whether enterprise-wide or specific to key initiatives? What are the impediments holding you back, that if addressed would enable achievement of your objectives?
  • Building Value Pre-Exit
    How does your perception of your company’s value compare to the market’s? What are the risks and shortcomings in your business that will allow a buyer to discount their valuation – but if effectively enhanced prior to going to market, should result in a much higher amount you can realize on a sale?
  • Cyber Resilience – Breach Response Readiness
    In the event of a breach are you prepared to immediately spring into action on multiple fronts to protect your brand, your finances, and your customer and vendor relationships? A Breach Response Plan addresses your enterprise-wide risks by incorporating all steps needed to be rapidly taken by both internal and external resources in a moment of crisis, enabling appropriate communications and clarity as to actions that can mitigate damage as much as possible.

Each of NextLevel’s Desired State Roadmaps™ is designed to rapidly get you on the path from your current state to your desired outcome. In a short, three to four week engagement we develop a high-level roadmap that provides clarity as to a practical, executable approach to meeting your company’s strategic, financial and/or operational objectives. Each engagement culminates in a discussion with the leadership of your company to ensure consensus related to issues to be addressed, as well as insights and rationale related to suggested prioritization and sequencing. You can take the roadmap and run with it, or use our help with any aspect of implementation.

  • Through customized interviews and review of materials and processes, we quickly gain an understanding of your strategy, organization and operations, and assess the effectiveness and challenges.
  • We identify and prioritize initiatives to address opportunities for improvement, giving consideration to the time and resources necessary to implement.
  • We help create a path for you to align the capabilities of your team with your business needs and aspirations, ensuring leadership consensus and buy-in.

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As a strategic partner to corporate leadership and management teams, we optimize processes, catalyze performance, and build enterprise value.