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Companies often find themselves in a position where one or more key initiatives cannot be addressed as quickly or effectively as desired due to a lack of bandwidth at the management level, a management role vacancy, or a lack of specific domain expertise.

In the current global economic environment, with so many companies operating with a lean management structure, any unanticipated demand on management can quickly lead to overload. Instead of allowing strategically important initiatives to languish, NextLevel can immediately step in and accelerate your ability to accomplish objectives; improving competitive positioning and reducing risk. We do so by providing deeply experienced executives or teams of professionals with skill sets that align with client circumstances, with flexible periods and terms matched to the scope and complexity of each particular assignment.

Senior management teams and Boards of Directors are facing unprecedented challenges in today’s dynamic, volatile and fast-paced business environment where limited access to growth capital, lean business practices, intense competition and global inter-connectivity present new and heightened risks – but also opportunities for those who can take advantage.

Of the myriad risks facing a business at any given time, which rise to the level of warranting significant attention? Of the numerous opportunities being contemplated at any given time, which are aligned with company strategy and warrant a significant investment of resources? How can you assess, prioritize, and address risks and execute on opportunities most effectively? How can you best navigate those risks and opportunities?

NextLevel works in collaboration with your senior management team and Board of Directors to provide guidance, manage governance issues and more. In providing advisory services, NextLevel draws on the depth and breadth of our executives’ C-suite financial and operational management and Board expertise. Our range of experience and the deep domain expertise that comes from it enables us to advise with a holistic, rich perspective. We give objective consideration to the countless factors that transcend company functions, while taking your corporate culture and business needs into account. The result is a better ability to assess and provide relevant and well-reasoned insights that address client issues and objectives.

We also work with senior management as appropriate to mentor and/or provide specific guidance related to mission-critical matters including mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity private and public offerings, corporate divestitures, joint ventures, infrastructure build-out to allow for scalable growth, operational efficiency improvement, international expansion, and restructuring.

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