High Risk. Extraordinary Responsibility. Positive Outcomes.

Corporate boards face increasing complexity and challenges in a business environment with high risks and more hurdles to reaping rewards. Legal and regulatory demands are increasing, business velocity continues to accelerate and heightened competition driven by technology and global reach amplifies business challenges. The pervasiveness of cyber-security risk is alarming. Tighter budgets and lean operating approaches add another layer of difficulty, with fewer resources available to address critical companywide board questions and initiatives.

NextLevel provides the appropriate expertise, through teams or individuals, to provide solutions on internal board issues and projects, and to be an advisor on governance and operational issues confronting the board. We offer immediate access to proven board and executive talent to address your critical initiatives in a timely, effective manner.

Supporting the Board in strategic planning and risk management.

Board initiatives often correlate with legal and fiduciary responsibilities or address high impact, time sensitive issues with significant implications for the company. With today’s lean approach to expert resources, the scarce company talent available to help address board initiatives is difficult to assemble. NextLevel can provide leadership or support for key initiatives, expert resources or both. We can simultaneously collaborate with the board and executive team in defining and executing initiatives as a critical success factor. Some examples of board initiatives include:

  • Strategic Planning: NextLevel collaborates with both boards and executive teams in developing and executing the strategic plan.  We can lead or support strategic initiatives directly for boards or management, while also serving as a resource to both concurrently whenever appropriate to best address corporate objectives.
  • Risk Management: NextLevel guides or supports the board in ensuring that the elements of effective risk governance are in place, and that the board has the visibility it needs to confidently meet its governance mandate.
  • Enterprise Value AddNextLevel collaborates with executive teams to evaluate operating results – from the top line through the bottom line. We look at profit or operational opportunities and challenges, determine the core issues,  develop timely action plans, and lead or support the execution of those plans to realize value.
  • Board GovernanceNextLevel provides advice on the organization, process and operation of the board and committee structure with an emphasis on board effectiveness.

Ready to create value?

As a strategic partner to corporate leadership and management teams, we optimize processes, catalyze performance, and build enterprise value.