Since 2011, NextLevel has made a name for itself by helping mid-market companies across the Pacific Northwest and West Coast transform and optimize their businesses. During that decade, NextLevel has also been evolving. Despite the global pandemic, we experienced record growth in Q4 2020 and in 2021. Now, as we move into our next phase of our growth, we are proud to announce that we have joined forces with E78 Partners.

Who is E78 Partners?

E78 Partners is a professional services firm with over 250 senior industry experts. Headquartered in Chicago, E78 has offices in cities all across the United States, including Baltimore, Austin, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. They work to reduce risk and drive value creation by providing tailored solutions to private equity firms, portfolio companies, and private corporation. E78 has positioned itself as one of America’s foremost providers of professional solutions to the investment community.

How are we Stronger Together?

Stronger Together: NextLevel Joins Forces With E78 Partners

We look forward to serving our clients even better by working with E78 Partners.

NextLevel is always striving to expand its capabilities and improve its offerings. We’ve determined that joining with E78 will bolster both parties, thanks to our many areas of synergy. In addition to aligned values and priorities, E78’s client-focused, integrity-driven culture matches our own. Their services complement ours perfectly: E78’s private equity backing and access to additional capital to fuel growth provides enormous potential for all. With NextLevel, the combined scope of the partnership will cover 38 states and more than 750 clients…with room to grow.

What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

“The synergies gained by joining E78 are particularly beneficial to our clients. Beyond having a complementary approach to solving problems, NextLevel gains an expanded set of services, access to even more expertise, and an aligned team focused on optimizing processes, catalyzing performance, and building enterprise value for clients.”  –Chuck Gottschalk, NextLevel Founder and CEO

At NextLevel, our dedication is first and foremost, to our clients. Our commitment to client success continues to be the driving force behind our company and our decisions. The goal is to expand the quality and scope of services that we can offer. Current and new clients alike will find the same first-class expertise that NextLevel has become known for, with the additional backing of E78’s specialized teams. Middle-market companies will have access to support for every stage in their lifecycle, as well as an expanded selection of unique services and solutions.

For more information about this exciting news, please see our press release.

We are eager to take this next step together with our new colleagues, creating an even stronger union and exceptional results for our clients.